Lady Hands Guy Teeny Kitten Through His Rolled Down Window At Drive-Thru


Kate and Ryan were getting their morning coffee at a Starbucks drive-thru in South Carolina when they had a chance encounter that would change their lives. They saw a woman carrying a tiny kitten and Ryan couldn't resist asking if she had just found it. The woman admitted that she couldn't keep the kitten and didn't know how to care for animals. Without hesitation, Ryan took the kitten and they decided to adopt her. They named her Clover and made her a part of their family.

Despite being unprepared for the sudden addition, Kate and Ryan were determined to give Clover the best life possible. They got formula for her and doted on her like she was their own child. Clover even formed a bond with their dog, Macaroni, who had been the ruler of the household.

The couple realized how lucky they were to have found Clover and decided to name her after a four-leaf clover, a symbol of good luck. Clover has become an integral part of their family, bringing joy and reminding them of the magic that can happen when fate steps in unexpectedly.


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