Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul React to Will Smith's Slap on Chris Rock | TMZ


Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, famous actors known for their roles in the hit TV show Breaking Bad, have recently given their thoughts on a video in which Will Smith playfully smacks comedian Chris Rock. The video had garnered attention on social media, with many people expressing their amusement and praising Smith for his playful behavior.

Cranston, who has worked with Smith in the past, commented on the incident, stating that it is important to understand the context in which the video was taken. He emphasized that it was all in good fun and a display of camaraderie between the two friends.

Similarly, Paul shared his thoughts on the video, indicating that he found it entertaining.


He mentioned that Smith and Rock are both incredibly talented individuals, and their lighthearted interaction only serves to showcase their close friendship.

The video in question shows Smith at a table with Rock, engaging in a playful conversation before Smith jokingly slaps Rock on the face. The incident was captured on camera and shared on social media platforms, where it quickly caught the attention of fans.

Overall, the comments from Cranston and Paul reflect the general sentiment of many viewers, who found the video amusing and appreciated Smith's intentions behind his playful actions towards his friend, Rock. The incident has since sparked conversations and brought smiles to the faces of fans around the world, highlighting the strong bond between Smith and Rock.


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