TMZ: 'Entourage' Mastermind Accuses Will Smith of Narcissism, Raises Concerns on Mental Health


Doug Ellin, the creator of the hit television show "Entourage," has made shocking accusations against actor Will Smith, questioning his mental stability and labeling him a narcissist. In an interview with TMZ, Ellin did not hold back in expressing his disdain for Smith.

Ellin criticized Smith's behavior during a dinner party, where he claims the actor was overly self-centered and obsessed with his own image. The creator believes that Smith's ego has spiraled out of control, affecting his mental stability. He also mentioned instances where Smith allegedly demeaned other celebrities and even subjected his own friends to degrading comments.


According to Ellin, he was left appalled by Smith's behavior, considering that they were attending the same event as colleagues. His negative experiences with the actor have led him to openly question Smith's mental well-being, suggesting that he may need professional help.

This shocking revelation from an industry insider sheds light on a different side of the highly esteemed actor. Will Smith has always been regarded as a talented and charismatic individual, but Ellin's accusations challenge this perception.

It remains to be seen how Smith will respond to these allegations, and whether they will have any impact on his career in the entertainment industry. However, the controversy sparked by Ellin's comments is sure to generate significant attention and debate among fans and industry professionals alike.


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