Did Tasha K Try to Blackmail Kevin Hart? Lawsuit Alleges Demand for $250k to Suppress Revelations!


A recent lawsuit against popular comedian Kevin Hart alleges that a woman named Tasha K attempted to extort him for $250,000 in exchange for not revealing a damaging interview. The lawsuit claims that Tasha K demanded the money to prevent the release of an explosive interview that could cause significant harm to Hart's reputation.

According to the lawsuit, Tasha K allegedly obtained a recording of a conversation she had with Hart during an intimate encounter between the two. She threatened to release the audio, which apparently contained damaging information about Hart and could potentially harm his career and personal life.


The lawsuit further states that Tasha K reached out to Hart's team and made it clear that she would disclose the conversation unless she received a substantial sum of money. In response to her demands, Hart's team hired lawyers and launched an investigation into the matter.

The legal filing claims that Tasha K's actions constitute extortion, as she attempted to use the damaging interview as leverage to obtain a significant amount of money from Hart. The lawsuit seeks an injunction to prevent Tasha K from releasing the conversation and claims damages for the harm she has caused to Hart's reputation.

Kevin Hart, known for his successful stand-up specials and starring roles in films, has faced his fair share of controversies in the past. This lawsuit adds another layer of legal trouble to his already high-profile life.


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