Busty UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer opens own art gallery selling racy artwork with Joe Rogan!


Brittney Palmer proved her skills extend much further than the Octagon.

Palmer is one of the most famous and iconic ring girls to ever punctuate a UFC bout with their glamorous looks and sumptuous ability to hold a sign. However, the 36-year-old has shown she is not just a pretty face who can squeeze into a rather uncomfortable looking UFC bra.

Palmer recently organised an art exhibition in her new gallery in Las Vegas featuring paintings she herself created in her spare time. She was supported by legendary UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who graced the room with his presence.

Fittingly, her designs more than push the boundaries.


Palmer looked pleased as punch when she showed off her colourful array of paintings and designs. From pictures of bleeding hearts to stunning pictures of Amy Winehouse, Palmer demonstrated a wide array of artistic techniques and paintings.

However, her most unforgettable pieces also featured some portraits of some naked women. In and amongst one of her colleges was a drawing of a topless woman.

Only Palmer knows which lady the drawing was based on, as she did not include a face in the picture. Most importantly, her good friend Rogan was particularly impressed by her exhibit.


“My longtime friend and UFC ring card girl, the super talented Brittney Palmer opened her amazing art gallery this weekend in Vegas,” he wrote on social media. “So of course we had to show up and support! She’s an amazing artist and an awesome human.”

Palmer is a trained artist who has been known to flog many of her designs for big money. On her website, some paintings have sold for as much as £7,000 over the years.


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