Amazing World! Curious Maine Coon Kitten Works Up Courage to Explore The World in Her Backpack!!

Meet Mirage, a Maine coon kitten in Austin, Texas on a quest to explore the world by backpack!

Before Mirage was an aspiring adventure cat, she was actually a bit shy and timid.

Keep reading to find out how this tiny but mighty kitten conquered her fears with the help of a special friend!

Curious & CautiousMirage was adopted by her forever family, Carl and Ashley, a couple months ago.

She was given a warm welcome by their Australian Shepard, Holly, who wanted to take Mirage under her wing.

However, Mirage didn't know what to make of Holly at first.

She arrived at her new home curious but cautious.

Mirage was intimidated by Holly despite the pup's happy-go-lucky behavior.

Holly was so eager to please Mirage, but Mirage would hiss, swat, and hide.

However, Holly wasn't one to be easily discouraged.

She was determined to win Mirage over!

Making New FriendsDespite how much Holly wanted to befriend her new kitten sibling, she respected Mirage's space.

Holly kept her distance and let Mirage approach her on her own terms.

Holly's patience soon paid off!

Little by little, Mirage started warming up to Holly by inching closer and darting between her legs.

By day 5 in her new home, Mirage was gently nibbling on Holly's paw.

The moment of truth arrived when Holly offered a tennis ball to Mirage as she was playing in her cat tunnel.

She dropped the tennis ball in front of Mirage, hoping her feline friend would accept the peace offering.

Best Friends ForeverIt worked! Mirage accepted the tennis ball gift and started to play with it.

Holly was so happy that she'd finally made Mirage happy by bringing her a toy she actually liked!

It's been smooth sailing ever since.

"Their friendship is adorable– like something you'd see in a Pixar movie," said their human dad, Carl.

This dog and cat duo are inseparable!

Since becoming best friends with Holly, Mirage has truly came out of her shell.

Now she's bouncing off the walls with energy and excitement!

With a little help from Holly, Mirage's confidence is growing right along with her body.

"She's growing up so fast!" said Carl. "It won't be long before she outgrows all of her accessories."

Like most Maine coon kittens, Mirage's paws and ears are still huge compared to her tiny frame!

She'll eventually grow into her features as she gets older.

In the meantime, Carl and Ashley are enjoying watching her grow right before their eyes.

Adventure TimeCarl and Ashley recently went out of town for a few days and left Mirage under the supervision of a petsitter.

The petsitter received permission to take Mirage on a walk in a pet backpack.

Until then, Mirage had mixed feelings about backpack walks.

She usually cried and seemed upset very shortly after getting in the backpack.

But this time, Mirage was much less timid and fearful!

All of her fear melted away once she settled in and got into adventure mode.

She thrived during her walk, soaking up all the new sights, smells, and sounds.

She didn't cry or get scared when she passed dogs on the trail.

Instead, she relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

Carl and Ashley were happy to hear the news and look forward to taking their sweet girl on many more adventures!

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