Trio Of Abandoned Pups Guard Each Other For Days While Waiting For Help!

A trio of abandoned puppies in Southern California displayed unwavering loyalty towards each other as they waited for help. The resident who found them called Logan's Legacy dog rescue, and although the founder Suzette Hall couldn't make it right away, her friends were ready to assist.

When Hall's team arrived, they discovered the pups exactly as described - huddled together on the sidewalk, appearing to guard one another. The loyal siblings refused to move from their spots, patiently waiting for their family to return. Neighbors informed the rescue team that the puppies were let out of their car near Magic Johnson Park in Los Angeles, and the family left them there.

The siblings sought safety inside the park, where they spent days hoping for their family's return. However, nobody came back for them, and their hope was running out. Just as temperatures were rising, the rescue team arrived. Initially, the pups remained stoic on the sidewalk, but they ran off for shelter from the sun. Even as they fled, they made sure to stay together. The team enticed them with food, and to their surprise, the puppies approached them willingly.

While two of the pups were hesitant, the only female in the group immediately trusted the rescuers. The team picked her up, placed her in their van, and her two brothers eagerly followed suit. The rescue team quickly noticed that the pups were neglected. They were covered in ticks and had mats in their fur. Despite their discomfort, they were relieved to be reunited. After removing the ticks and mats, the puppies found comfort in curling up with each other again. This kind of bond was rare among stray dogs.

Normal strays use each other for safety but tend to distance themselves after rescue. However, these three puppies cried if one left without the others. The pups, named Polly, Damien, and Barkley, are now in foster care, but they are still searching for a forever home that will accept all three. Their story isn't over yet, and Logan's Legacy is looking for the perfect family for them. In the meantime, Polly, Damien, and Barkley remain as close as ever. They no longer have to fend for themselves on the streets, but their loyalty towards each other remains strong.

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