Foster Kittens' 'Shifty Eyes' Say it All When They See the Camera Again

Two adorable foster kittens can't hide their feelings when their humans approach them with a camera. Piper, the Siamese kitten with a nose that resembles a baby Koala bear, has to pose with his sister Penny for social media. Being social media stars can be challenging, but it pays off when it helps them find a forever home. With such cute kittens, it's hard not to take a thousand pictures. In May, Frankie's Fosters took in Penny and Piper, beautiful Siamese kittens from the Best Friends in Los Angeles rescue. These cuddly and social siblings quickly came out of their shells and captured the hearts of many with their stunning blue eyes.

At first, they were thought to be sisters, but later it was discovered that Piper is a little boy. Despite spending some time apart, the two kittens always served daily doses of cuteness. However, Piper seems to have grown tired of the daily paparazzi. When the camera is pointed at him, his eyes reveal his frustration. Frankie jokes that he's thinking, "Oh my lord, here she comes again with that freaking phone." Although Piper may be over the camera, both kittens are natural-born models. They have posed for countless pictures, with Piper even hamming it up for the camera. Despite their playful fights, Penny and Piper truly love each other and will be staying together forever.

On June 25, they left foster care and headed to their forever home, where they might receive new names. It's bittersweet for foster providers to see their babies leave, but knowing they will remain together is heartwarming. To help Frankie foster more kittens, you can follow her and Best Friends in Los Angeles. Now, you can follow Penny and Piper's daily lives on their new Instagram page. It seems like they might have to endure more camera time, but Penny seems to be over it this time. They have lots of new toys and places to explore in their new home, and we look forward to seeing them grow up together. May they have long and joyful lives, with just the right amount of time posing for the camera.

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