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The Kind Butcher Every Day Leaves Leftovers Outside The Store For Stray Dogs

What remarkable awareness these strays exhibit.

Iit is a heartwarming , stray dogs can be seen rummaging through a butcher shop’s scraps.

They cautiously approached the box and each grabbed a few bones. Each dog is nice enough to only carry a small bone with them, but what really stands out is how much they care for one another.

It’s like watching an elderly Golden Retriever amble over to the treat box, pick up a bone, and then saunter off. As he approached, another dog showed signs of being fearful and timid.

A second dog waggled his tail in glee, as if he simply couldn’t believe his good fortune.

Originally uploaded to TikTokker by user @ugursa_ in March 2021, the video has since gone viral across social media platforms. Though the video originally debuted on TikTok, it has now been shared widely across social media platforms, including Facebook and reddit.

There were several suggestions for how to act appropriately around strays.

A local attorney in Puerto Rico said that strays are “very smart” and kind to all kinds of people. He saw the butcher distributing chicken carcasses and realized that the majority of the strays were timid, respectful, and had learnt not to run into the home.

Dogs shouldn’t eat those because they’re terrible for their digestive systems. Bones are a dog’s ultimate favorite treat (especially chicken bones). Two days’ worth of “bones” can be obtained from a single chicken carcass. Most of these dogs won’t eat again for two days, so you can tell they’re thrilled to see that piece of meat.

Some people are worried about their dogs getting hurt by eating bones, but others are quick to point out that cooked bones are even more dangerous because they can disintegrate and cause internal damage and harm.

The backbone was made up of bones that were thrown away by well-meaning strangers.

Still others questioned whether or not the clip was filmed in Turkey. One Reddit user identified the Turkish location of the video by recognizing the emblem of a Turkish company printed on the cardboard box seen in the background.

According to another Reddit user: “In most Turkish cities, wild cats and dogs are treated quite well. After being inspected, tagged, and returned to their original neighborhood, the city will release any stray cats or dogs. They also get frequent checkups with the vet.

They elaborated, “Everyone left food and water bowls, and many restaurants basically took them and took care of them.

This is common practice at meat markets and seafood counters, where leftovers are often given to homeless customers.

Researchers have found that “cats practically govern the city of Istanbul,” echoing the claims of previous commenters. A cat walked up to me and started nibbling on the chicken’s finger until the server told us which sauce the cat liked. This happened a few years ago while I was seated on the terrace. It’s wonderful to see that they’re getting such excellent care, but it’s tragic to know that some of them have to endure the cold and damp by spending the night outdoors.

There are many of compassionate butchers like the nameless one working in Turkey. Ikram Korkmazer, who is also Turkish, has a soft spot in his heart for furry friends. It’s common practice for customers to bring their pets in search of food to his store. After a video showing a customer’s cat begging for a reward by leaning on a butcher’s counter went viral, he received a lot of attention.

Outside on Korkmazer’s sidewalk, he also has a slew of dogs that are just dying to get their paws on some of his food (or two or three).

And in the next video, a dog wags his tail expectantly as he waits for a plate of food, proving that this butcher has regulars.

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