Cat, Size of a Small Bobcat, Found Wailing in Front of House Until a Couple Scoops Him Up and Finds Him Help


Rescued Bob the Cat Finds a Second Chance at Life

In a heartwarming rescue mission, a couple stepped up to save a distressed cat that was wailing in front of a house. This orange and white cat, resembling a small bobcat, desperately begged for help until the couple scooped him up and contacted their friend Noelle, a volunteer for Little Wanderers NYC, a local animal rescue organization. Noelle and her husband rushed to the scene and immediately provided the frightened cat with a safe space, along with food and water.

Initially nervous and unsure, the cat slowly began to relax indoors. That night, he leaned against Noelle for comfort and purred, finding solace in the realization that he was finally safe. However, the search for his owners proved to be challenging. Although a microchip was located, the registered phone number was out of service. Noelle and her husband turned to social media, putting up signs and reaching out to the building management, but their efforts were in vain.


With the help of their veterinarian, it was discovered that the chip information had been changed the day before they found him. "Although he is microchipped, it led to a dead end, and ultimately, he was presumed abandoned," Little Wanderers NYC shared. Determined to provide the best care for him, the rescue organization ensured that he received a full medical check-up, and to their relief, the cat, now named Bob, received a clean bill of health.

Bob, at the age of 4-5 years old, is a muscular feline weighing 17.5 pounds. Despite his size, he has proven to be incredibly gentle and affectionate towards people, often rubbing his face against their legs for attention. He also enjoys nesting on his humans' feet in bed and paddles his paws when receiving face rubs. Although he loves lounging on a comfy chair, nothing excites Bob more than a cardboard box fort. He is also fond of catnip toys, maintains excellent hygiene, and is obsessed with boxes.


During his time in foster care, Bob has become friends with a ginger kitten named Minnow. Bob shows patience as the older sibling, as they explore the refrigerator and take over their foster parents' bed together. While Minnow's energetic nature can be overwhelming for Bob, who prefers a laid-back lifestyle, Bob spends his days watching "cat TV" out the window or on a computer and napping on his throne.

Bob is grateful for the shelter, good food, cozy places to nap, and loving humans who constantly remind him that he is cherished. His foster family describes him as low maintenance and believes he has incredible potential for growth with the right person. Bob is now ready to find a forever home where he can be the center of attention, have an endless supply of boxes, receive all the face rubs he desires, and curl up next to his human at night.

Although being abandoned does not define Bob's entire story, his rescuers' compassion has given him a second chance at life. With gratitude, Bob looks forward to a future filled with love and the assurance that he will never be alone again.


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