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Passerby Looks Inside Cardboard Box And Finds Beautiful 'Creamsicle' Cat

Recently, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, a was walking through an apartment parking lot when they noticed something strange — a abandoned on the pavement. When the passerby looked inside, they almost couldn’t believe it.

Alone in the box was a frail, orange and white cat.

When animal law enforcement officers arrived, they could tell that the little cat was grateful to see them. As they picked her up and put her in a carrier, the cat began purring loudly and making biscuits, as though she knew she was finally safe.

The officers took the cat to the , where staff members named her Mango Chutney and wrote about her story in

"This little creamsicle cat was found abandoned in a box," the humane society wrote in the post. 

At first, Mango was scared to be in a new place. But after she had some time to adjust, the little cat revealed her sweeter side.

“She would reach through the kennel bars and chirp to greet people walking by and get their attention,” Cody Costra, public relations manager at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, told The Dodo. “She likes to play with her puzzle treat toy, but Mango Chutney's favorite thing in the whole world is leaning into head and neck scratches to make sure you hit the perfect spot.”

Humane society staff determined that Mango Chutney was around 8 years old. They were saddened that an older cat had been left to fend for herself, but thankful to have been part of her recovery journey.

“We don't know how she ended up in that box, but we do know that she was so grateful for our help,” the humane society wrote in the post.

After a veterinary exam and a round of treatment for a cold she’d acquired while on her own, Mango was ready to find her permanent family.

It was only a matter of days before someone saw her and fell in love. Mango Chutney was finally going home — not to a box, but to a house of her own.

To help other animals like Mango Chutney,

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