3 Songs You Didn’t Know Jim Carrey Wrote!


Jim Carrey, the actor and comedian known for his roles in films like "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" and "The Mask," has also showcased his talents as a songwriter. Throughout a nearly 30-year span from 1994 to 2022, Carrey wrote or co-wrote three songs that may surprise his fans.

The first song, "Heaven Down Here," was written by Carrey, John Shanks, Phil Roy, and Rick Neigher. It was recorded by Tuck & Patti, a San Francisco-based duo. Although Carrey didn't write the song specifically for them, he is credited with the idea and some of the lyrics. The heartfelt love song appeared on Tuck & Patti's 1995 album, "Learning How to Fly."


In 2013, Carrey responded to gun violence with his song, "Cold Dead Hand." The title is a play on a famous quote by Charlton Heston, the former president of the National Rifle Association. Carrey performed the song with The Eels under the name Lonesome Earl and the Clutterbusters. The music video featured Carrey portraying Heston, along with The Eels dressed as advocates for peace who were victims of gun violence, such as John Lennon and Mahatma Gandhi.

Most recently, Carrey co-wrote the song "Phantom Regret by Jim" with The Weeknd and other songwriters. The spoken word poem appears on The Weeknd's 2022 album, "PM Dawn." Carrey's narration explores themes of regret and self-reflection. The lyrics also pay homage to Prince and his album "Purple Rain."

While Jim Carrey is primarily known for his acting and comedy, these songs demonstrate his diverse creative abilities. From love ballads to politically charged tracks, Carrey's songwriting adds another dimension to his artistic repertoire.


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