Blind Dog Can't Believe He 'Gets To Run Free In His Very Own Field' After A Year In Shelter

Jacko, a 6-year-old blind border collie, spent over a year in a UK shelter and struggled with the stress of his living situation. He needed a calm environment with one or two people and a large, secure area to run around. Despite his cheerful personality, potential adoptions took time because of his needs for gentle introductions and an adult-only home. However, Sue saw a video of Jacko on TikTok and filled out an application form to adopt him. She had acres of land for Jacko to run free and was a dog trainer with experience training blind dogs. The shelter staff took Jacko personally to her home to ensure a successful introduction to his new dog friends and home. Jacko immediately bonded with Sue, and he loves playing with her other dog, Zoom. Jacko finally found his forever home and has space to run as fast and as free as he wants.