A Family Surprise! Will Smith Joins Son Jaden Smith's Set at Coachella, Leaving Fans Amazed


Will Smith surprised fans during Jaden Smith's Coachella performance by joining his son onstage to perform Jaden's song "Icon". The moment was captured on video, with Will rapping for the camera and the crowd going wild in response. Both father and son shared the footage on their Instagram accounts. Will was dressed in a black T-shirt from Jaden's merch line, paired with grey joggers and white sneakers.

This is not the first time the Smith family has made Coachella a family affair. During Jaden's first weekend performance at the music festival, his sister Willow Smith made a surprise appearance on stage, along with their old friend Jordyn Woods. Although Woods' appearance was brief, she danced alongside Jaden as he stood on top of a white Tesla. Willow then wowed the audience with an impressive aerial stunt before joining Jaden and Woods next to the Tesla.


In 2018, Will starred in a humorous parody of Jaden's music video for "Icon" to celebrate the song reaching 100 million streams on Spotify. Will recreated the video shot-for-shot, imitating his son's style with the same haircut, gold chains, and clothing. However, Will made a few comedic adjustments, such as his grill falling out of his mouth and his choice of black slippers over Jaden's white sneakers. The parody was captioned with congratulations to Jaden and a message of admiration for his children.

Will has been exploring his own musical side lately. He expressed a desire to join Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus on their remix of the viral hit "Old Town Road". Will even posted a video of himself lip-syncing to the song, using the music video for his 1999 rap song "Wild Wild West". He tagged Cyrus and Lil Nas X in the post, suggesting that he is open to shooting a video for the remix.

Fans can also look forward to hearing Will sing and rap in the upcoming live-action remake of Disney's Aladdin, where he plays the Genie. A trailer released in March gave a glimpse of Will's performance of the Genie's signature song, "Friend Like Me".


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