Labrador Retriever Abandoned Because Of His Face Finds New Mom Who Thinks He’s Perfect

Beaux Tox was a Labrador Retriever who was born with a facial deformity and had been neglected all his life until he met his guardian angel Jamie Hulit. Beaux was born with such difficulties because he was squished in his mother’s womb. As the dog’s owners couldn’t sell him they gave him away for free. His foster families kept hanging and none of them wanted to adopt the dog. But it was Jamie who found the dog very attractive. She treated him as she would treat a normal-looking dog and loved him greatly. Jamie helped the sick dog overcome a persistent case of heartworms. The kind woman mede the dog trust people again. The dog also dealt with his new sibling very well. Riley, another Retriever, considers him a little brother. They got on well together and became inseparabel friends. The new family of the dog made him the happiest dog ever that would not feel neglected and abused again just because of his face.