Rescue Kitten Overcame Countless Health Issues Transformed Beautifully


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If you have ever visited Brooklyn, New York, you probably know there are thousands of homeless cats wandering around this area. But thanks to the persistent efforts of the  , many of them have been helped to get a better life.

 team work hard to help spay and neuter these cats, but we also rescue cats in dire conditions too. Teddy is one of a few lucky cats that we saved from the streets. We found the poor kitty while preparing for a TNR project, covered in dirt, fleas, cuts and scratches. He clearly needed medical attention as soon as possible.


The cat behaved so nicely in front of humans. He let us pet him comfortably and went straight into the carrier without hesitation, he even enjoyed bath time somehow. This pitiful boy obviously belonged to some family before, but it’s always hard for unneutered male cats like him to stay still inside a house. Maybe he went out and accidentally got lost.

Teddy was saved, but he wasn’t completely off the hook yet. The kitty had to suffer countless health issues and needed costly surgery to overcome his problems. Thankfully, his own will, the love of his foster parents and the help of kind-hearted donators around the world had made it possible. The surgery was quite successful.


Teddy was chill, laid-back and really sweet around humans. He went through all these things with a calm demeanor. After everything he saw and endured, he was surely aware of the fact that these people had saved him and if it hadn’t been for their kindness, he wouldn’t be able to make it.

It was a long journey for Teddy, but the street cat beat the odds to survive and transformed into a whole new cat. He was finally able to jump and run around like a normal feline. Of course, it also meant he was ready for adoption and had to say goodbye to his awesome foster parents and his cute foster brother Miles.


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