Oldest Dog In Rescue Gets Special Party For 23rd Birthday – Happy Birthday, Bully!

Bully, a Chihuahua, was taken in by a senior dog rescue organization at the age of 21 and has since become the oldest dog in the rescue’s care. On his 23rd birthday, he was treated to a special celebration by the rescue, The Mr. Mo Project. The couple who run The Mr. Mo Project have spent over $55,000 to provide senior dogs with a safe and loving home for their twilight years.

Despite being past the average life expectancy for Chihuahuas, Bully is described as feisty, sweet, independent, and even tries to push around other dogs. For his birthday celebration, Bully was given a soft biscuit and allowed to sleep, which he enjoys. The couple celebrations all the good things that happen in their home, including birthdays and adoptions.