8 Signs That a Chihuahua dog Is Your Soulmate!


1 . Not only does your Chihuahua sleep in your bed with you…

2 . You do whatever you can to make your Chihuahua comfortable.

3 . Great effort is placed on making sure your Chihuahua does not feel left out.

4 . You’ve canceled plans with your friends to teach your Chihuahua cool tricks

5 . Even when you’re exhausted… you’ll always throw it for your Chihuahua …one two three more times.

6 . You put your  Chihuahua face, permanently on your body.

7 . Once you started and got one Chihuahua , you couldn’t stop.

8 . You allow your Chihuahua to entertain the idea of “human-life”.

9. When your Chihuahua gives you this face, you’ll automatically do whatever it is you think he’s telepathically asking you to.


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