Every Yellowstone Easter Egg & Story Reveal In The 1923 Trailer

The trailer for the Yellowstone prequel series, 1923, reveals several parallels with the original show. In 1923, Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) and his wife Cara (Helen Mirren) are running the ranch, which is facing threats from a wealthy new neighbor, Donald Whitfield (Timothy Dalton), who wants to own the entire valley. The trailer also suggests that Jacob is an antihero lawman like John Dutton in Yellowstone, while Cara is even more dangerous than Beth. The Dutton men in 1923 are shown as war veterans and hunters like in Yellowstone, and the Dutton house is over 100 years old. Additionally, the trailer drops hints of a mystery involving Elizabeth Strafford (Michelle Randolph) and her connection to Donald Whitfield's acquisition of her family's ranch.