Unveiling Snoop Dogg's Insights: Rapper's Fear of Diddy's Drunken Power


In a recent interview on Revolt's Drink Champs podcast, Snoop Dogg opened up about why rappers are scared of Diddy when he's drunk. The legendary rapper and mogul's reputation for being intimidating has long been a topic of discussion within the hip-hop community.

According to Snoop, Diddy's behavior drastically changes when he's under the influence of alcohol. Snoop described the transformation as a Jekyll and Hyde scenario, stating that Diddy becomes a different person when he's drunk. He explained that while Diddy is usually calm and level-headed, alcohol turns him into an aggressive and confrontational individual.


Snoop went on to share personal experiences of witnessing this transformation firsthand. He mentioned incidents where Diddy would start arguments with other artists, throwing punches and acting belligerently. The fear among rappers, Snoop explained, stems from the uncertainty of how Diddy might react in such situations.

However, Snoop also made it clear that despite this intimidating behavior, Diddy remains a beloved figure in the industry. He emphasized that Diddy's leadership skills and the contributions he has made to hip-hop cannot be overlooked.

Overall, Snoop's revelations shed light on a side of Diddy that is not frequently discussed. While his influence and success are undeniable, the rapper's behavior when intoxicated seems to strike fear in other artists in the industry. Diddy's duality when it comes to alcohol becomes a point of concern and interest within the hip-hop community.


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