Kevin Hart Files Lawsuit Against TashaK for Extortion, Claiming She Blackmailed Him with $250,000 Demand


In a recent turn of events, famous comedian Kevin Hart has filed a lawsuit against TashaK, a popular blogger, accusing her of extortion. The lawsuit states that TashaK demanded a whopping $250,000 from Hart in exchange for not running a story about him.

Hart claims that he had a private encounter with TashaK, during which she surreptitiously recorded their conversation without his knowledge or consent. Using this covert recording, TashaK allegedly attempted to blackmail Hart, threatening to expose damaging information about him unless he paid up.

The lawsuit further elaborates that TashaK's demand was an act of extortion and a deliberate attempt to ruin Hart's reputation and career. Hart argues that TashaK's actions are not only illegal but also morally wrong, as she knowingly attempted to exploit and manipulate him for financial gain.


This incident has sparked a legal battle between the two parties, with Hart seeking justice and compensation for the distress caused by TashaK's actions. The lawsuit holds TashaK accountable for her alleged extortion attempt and seeks to prevent her from profiting off of harmful and invasive practices.

Kevin Hart, a highly acclaimed comedian with a massive following, is determined to protect his image and integrity from such malicious attempts to tarnish his reputation. As the case unfolds, the outcome will have far-reaching implications regarding the boundaries of privacy and the consequences for those who engage in blackmail and extortion.


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