The Revelations Unveiled: The Girl Steps Up in the Kevin Hart Extortion Scandal!


In the ongoing Kevin Hart extortion case, the woman involved has now come forward. According to TMZ TV, the woman claims that she had nothing to do with the attempt to extort money from the comedian. The woman, who has been identified as Montia Sabbag, held a press conference with her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, to clear her name.

Sabbag stated that she had a consensual relationship with Hart, but she was not involved in the alleged extortion plot. She believes that someone set her up, and she is now cooperating fully with the authorities to identify the culprits. Sabbag has hired a team of experts to conduct a private investigation and hopes that justice will be served.


The extortion scandal unfolded when a video of Hart engaging in sexual activity with Sabbag was anonymously sent to him. The sender threatened to release the footage if Hart did not pay a substantial sum of money. Hart immediately reported the incident to the FBI, who launched an investigation.

Hart addressed the issue publicly, apologizing to his wife and children for the "bad error in judgment." He expressed his commitment to cooperate with the authorities and the legal process. Sabbag echoed Hart's sentiments, stating that she wants the truth to come out and the person responsible for the extortion to be held accountable.

As the investigation continues, it remains to be seen how the extortion case will unfold and who will be identified as the mastermind behind it.


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