Kevin Hart Refuses to Crown Tom Brady as the GOAT Quarterback


Comedian Kevin Hart does not believe that Tom Brady deserves the title of the best quarterback of all time. In an interview with TMZ TV, Hart expressed his lack of enthusiasm when asked about Brady's legacy.

Hart believes that comparing athletes from different eras is not fair, as each era has its own set of challenges and circumstances. He acknowledges Brady's achievements and accolades but argues that it is difficult to determine who the best quarterback truly is.

The comedian also emphasizes that Brady has had the luxury of playing with great teams throughout his career, which has contributed to his success. Hart believes that other quarterbacks who may not have had the same level of support and talent around them should also be considered in the discussion of the best quarterback of all time.


Furthermore, Hart mentions that there are quarterbacks who have had extraordinary careers but may not have won as many Super Bowls as Brady. Therefore, focusing solely on Super Bowl victories as the criteria for greatness is inadequate.

In conclusion, Kevin Hart does not feel that Tom Brady should be hailed as the best quarterback of all time. He argues that comparing athletes from different eras is unfair, highlights the importance of the team around a quarterback, and believes that other criteria besides Super Bowl wins should be taken into account when evaluating greatness.


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