Man Adopts Dog With Tumor So He Can Live Out The Rest Of His Life Knowing ‘Unconditional Love’!

Luciano Karosas, a 21-year-old from Berazategui in Buenos Aires, adopted Thanos the dog after the sick animal had already been rejected by four other families. Thanos had a cancerous tumor growing on his head and only had a matter of weeks to live when Luciano took him in. Several families attempted to take him in, but they too found they just weren't able to handle the extent of his condition.

Luciano refused to accept that there was nothing he could do to save Thanos and took him to a stem cell veterinarian to see if they could operate. Unfortunately, Thanos passed away earlier this year, but Luciano made the most out of the time he had left with him by pampering and doing everything he possibly could to make him comfortable and happy. Thanos' sad story has touched many hearts.