"It's a huge relief for Bradley": Bradley Cooper is Relieved as Girlfriend Gigi Hadid Wins His Mother's Approval


Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper is feeling relieved and content as his romance with supermodel Gigi Hadid progresses to a more serious level with the approval of his mother, Gloria Campano. The couple, currently in the spotlight, is navigating their relationship towards a deeper commitment. The 49-year-old actor is overjoyed by his mother's positive reception of his girlfriend.

A source revealed that Campano approves of Cooper's relationship with the 28-year-old blonde beauty and thinks Gigi is lovely. Despite their busy schedules, the actor and Hadid make it a point to spend as much time together as possible. They have a lot in common and share a great sense of humor, which creates amazing chemistry between them.


Their relationship was further solidified when they had dinner together with Campano. Additionally, they were spotted at a restaurant in Los Angeles after the Golden Globe Awards, where they were seen with a group of friends. Although they were not overly affectionate, it was evident that they are dating, as they exchanged loving glances and engaged in flirting.

The approval of Cooper's mother suggests that the couple is genuinely into each other. Their relationship began unexpectedly in late 2023, and since then, they have kept their romance low-key, avoiding the public eye. The development of their connection from the initial moments to their current status reflects the unpredictability of love in Hollywood.

As Cooper and Hadid gain attention and support, their story becomes even more captivating. The couple's relationship started off unexpectedly and defied expectations, making their journey all the more intriguing. With Campano's approval, Cooper can now find solace in the fact that his relationship with Hadid is on solid ground.


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