Woman shows adorable way she carries her senior cat: "OMG I'm crying"


The heartwarming story of a woman carrying her senior cat in a baby wrap has touched the hearts of many on the internet. The viral video, originally posted on Instagram on October 25, has been viewed more than 3.9 million times. In the video, the cat's owner is seen holding the elderly feline in a baby wrap against her chest, gently rocking the pet to sleep. This heartwarming video showcases how the cat, adopted at the age of 10, finds comfort and relaxation in the wrap, just like a baby.

The creator of the video, known as @projecthxr on Instagram, shared in the post that she was encouraged by her followers to try the baby wrap with her cat. The owner expressed her satisfaction with her cat's positive response, stating, "You should buy your adopted senior cat a baby wrap for the chest." The post was captioned with, "Y'all I cannot. She literally loves it so much that she really doesn't want to be put down now."


The Instagram account @seniorcatmk, where the video was shared, aims to bring attention to the joys of adopting older cats from shelters. Senior cats often get overlooked by potential adopters who prefer younger cats or kittens. By regularly sharing updates about MK, the sweet tabby cat, the owner hopes to increase the appeal of adopting older cats.

Since its posting, the video has received over 393,000 likes on Instagram and has garnered positive comments from viewers. Many TikTok users expressed their adoration for MK and her love of the baby wrap. Some also took the opportunity to discuss the issue of animal sheltering. The video's popularity has generated emotional responses, with users writing comments such as "Angel," "I could watch this video on repeat," and "OMG I'm crying, she's so happy, and you look so happy too."

Newsweek reached out to @seniorcatmk for comment via Instagram.


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