Cat With A Cyst Needed Surgery


Porto is one of the cats who remained in my care. He is about 11 years old. When he was younger he had liver failure but he is a fighter and he got over it. Recently a cyst started to grow above one of his legs. Of course we went at the vet and after some checks the vet decided to remove it by surgery because it was growing.

We had to make first some blood tests and also a heart check as he is quite fat and we didn’t want to put him under a risk. But thankfully all the blood tests were fie, the heart is also fine so one week ago he went through the surgery. The cyst was a little caught from his muscle so the surgery wasn’t easy, it lasted for more than one hour. But thankfully all went perfectly fine, he recovered much faster than the vet was expecting.

Today, 9 days after the surgery he is feeling just fine and he can perfectly use his leg and jump. He is one lucky boy and another proof that we should never give up at our ill cats and we have to be near them when they have a health issue and never give up.


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