Tree frog raised by humans has developed the funniest behaviors--Express News


When you think about home pets, it doesn’t just mean a dog or a cat. Nowadays, people have been domesticating other creatures like tarantulas, snakes, and geckos, and even some of the princes of Saudi Arabia have lions or tigers as their home pets.

One of the uprising stars in a household is the frog and it pretty much looks like this person fell in love with this amphibian. The person behind the YouTube channel called ‘ぴよのカエルch’ or ‘piyo no frog ch’ as translated hosts a lot of adorable videos of different types of frogs.

If you are having a bad day, her videos could give you peace even for just a short while. This video in particular which now has over 11 million views features a White’s tree frog who thinks she can eat everything in front of her.