Kourtney Kardashian Addresses Rumors About Justin Bieber as Reign's Biological Father, Disputing Scott Disick's Paternity


According to a recent article, Kourtney Kardashian has apparently made a shocking statement regarding the paternity of her youngest child, Reign. The article claims that Kardashian has come forward to assert that Justin Bieber, not Scott Disick, is the real father of her son.

In a surprising turn of events, Kardashian reportedly spoke out about the true parentage of Reign during an interview. The article suggests that she bluntly stated that Bieber is the biological father and not her longtime on-and-off partner, Scott Disick.

The article does not provide any concrete evidence to support this claim, nor does it delve into the reasons behind Kardashian's alleged statement.


It merely presents this statement as a shocking revelation without any further details or context.

The article leaves readers questioning the credibility of this supposed information. It raises doubts about why Kardashian would suddenly disclose such a personal matter about her child's paternity, especially since this topic had not been addressed before. It also fails to mention any potential reactions or responses from either Bieber or Disick.

Moreover, the article does not explore the impact this revelation might have on Kardashian's relationships, particularly with Disick and Bieber. It does not discuss the potential implications for Reign and his upbringing either.


Overall, it provides an incomplete account of the situation, leaving readers with unanswered questions and a lack of clarity.

In essence, this article claims that Kourtney Kardashian has made a statement suggesting that Justin Bieber, not Scott Disick, is the real father of her son, Reign. However, it fails to provide any substantial evidence or further information to support this allegation. The article leaves readers uncertain about the credibility and validity of this claim, without exploring the potential consequences or reactions from the involved parties.


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