Jaden Smith's Heartache: Longing for Tupac as His Father, Not Will Smith


In a recent interview, Jaden Smith, son of actor Will Smith, expressed his regret over not having the late rapper Tupac Shakur as his father instead. Smith, who is also a musician, expressed his admiration for Shakur and his music, stating that he resonated more with Tupac than with his own father.

Smith revealed that he had always looked up to Shakur as a role model and felt a strong connection to him through his music. He explained that Tupac's lyrics and messages spoke to him on a deeper level, and he wished he had the opportunity to have him as his father figure.

The young artist acknowledged the impact Will Smith had on his life and how he had been a great father, but he couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like to have Tupac as his dad.


Smith expressed his admiration for Tupac's profound influence on society, particularly within the black community, and believed that having him as a father would have provided him with a unique perspective on life.

While Smith's statement may seem surprising, it highlights the influence and legacy left behind by Tupac Shakur. His music continues to resonate with people of all generations, including Jaden Smith, who longs for that fatherly connection through Shakur's words and perspectives. Although he may wish for a different father figure, Smith still holds his own father in high regard and appreciates the impact he has had on his life.


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