Jaden Smith Criticizes Will Smith's Treatment, Calling It Boyfriend-like


In a recent article, it was reported that Jaden Smith has expressed his frustration with his father, Will Smith, for treating him like a boyfriend rather than a son. The actor and musician voiced his concerns during an interview, shedding light on the perceived dynamic between him and his father.

Jaden, who is known for his unconventional and outspoken nature, opened up about the expectations placed upon him by his famous dad. He claimed that he feels his father treats him as though they are in a romantic relationship, rather than a typical father-son dynamic.

This unusual portrayal of their relationship has raised eyebrows among fans and critics alike. Jaden emphasized that he longs for a more authentic and traditional father-son connection. He revealed that he believes his father's actions stem from his own personal experiences growing up, and his desire to create an unconventional upbringing for his children.


Jaden's comments have sparked a discussion about the boundaries and dynamics that exist within parent-child relationships. Many have praised him for openly sharing his feelings on this matter, as it sheds light on the complexities of family dynamics, even within high-profile households.

It remains to be seen how this revelation will impact the relationship between Jaden and his father moving forward. Nonetheless, this honest and vulnerable conversation serves as a reminder that even famous families face challenges in maintaining healthy and balanced relationships.


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