10 Movies Like Highlander To Watch Before Henry Cavill's Remake


The Highlander reboot, directed by Chad Stahleski and starring Henry Cavill, is a highly anticipated movie set to feature action, fantasy, and science fiction elements. The original 1986 Highlander film, written by Greg Widen, follows the immortal Scottish swordsman, Connor MacLeod, as he fights other immortals and tries to stop the ruthless Kurgan from gaining "The Prize." 

The reboot is just one of the projects Stahleski is working on, as he explores different characters and time periods outside of the John Wick franchise. 

Other movies like Dragonslayer, The 13th Warrior, Escape from New York, Conan the Destroyer, Red Sonja, Mortal Kombat, Blade trilogy, Equilibrium, Excalibur, and The Duellists share similar themes, tones, and aesthetics with Highlander. These films all involve epic quests, powerful warriors, and mesmerizing sword fights, making them popular choices for fans of the original Highlander.


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