🌟 Lainey Wilson spills Yellowstone secrets and teases its bright, exciting future: Must-see sneak peek!


Country singer Lainey Wilson recently spoke about the origins of her song "WWDD" being featured on the hit TV show Yellowstone. In a conversation with E! News, Wilson discussed how her song ended up on the show and what it means for her career.

The singer explained that her song "WWDD" was written during a time when she was unsure about her future in the music industry. She wanted to capture the essence of following one's dreams and not giving up, which resonated with the show's creators. They thought it would be a perfect fit for Yellowstone, a show that often explores similar themes.

Wilson described the experience of hearing her song play during a pivotal moment in the show as surreal and emotional. She said it was a dream come true to have her music featured on such a successful series. The exposure from Yellowstone has significantly boosted her career and introduced her to a wide audience.


Looking ahead, Wilson expressed her excitement for the show's future. She revealed that she has a new song that is going to be featured in the upcoming season and believes it will be an even bigger moment for her. She expressed gratitude for the opportunities Yellowstone has given her and hopes to continue working with the show in the future.

In conclusion, Lainey Wilson's song "WWDD" found its way onto Yellowstone through its message of perseverance. The exposure on the show has been a turning point in her career, and she is eager for future collaborations with the series.


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