Buffalo's Faithful Banter: Bills Fans Playfully Tease Taylor Swift's Possible Visit Before Game against Chiefs


As the Kansas City Chiefs prepared to face the Buffalo Bills in an upcoming game, Bills fans took to social media to troll singer Taylor Swift. The Bills fans were mocking the possibility of Swift visiting Buffalo, as they believed it would bring bad luck to their team.

The trolling started after Swift released her re-recorded version of her album "Fearless," which includes a song about her breakup with former Bills player, Jake Gyllenhaal. Bills fans jokingly blamed Swift for the team's losses in previous years and claimed that her potential visit to Buffalo would only bring more misfortune.

Fans flooded social media platforms with posts and comments taunting Swift, with many using the hashtag "#WeDontWantTaylorCurse.


" Some fans even suggested that the team should ban Swift from attending their games.

This unusual social media activity gained attention from various media outlets, highlighting the quirky and passionate nature of Bills fans. While some fans took the trolling in good humor, others were genuinely concerned about the "Taylor Curse" affecting their beloved team.

Despite the mixed opinions, it is clear that Bills fans are incredibly invested in their team's success and are willing to go to great lengths to support them. The ongoing trolling serves as a lighthearted way for fans to alleviate the anxiety and superstition surrounding their team's fortunes, while also showcasing their unique fandom.


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