Cat Makes Guy His Forever Human by Standing on Him After Waiting Nearly Half a Year for a Home

What a heartwarming story about Georgie, the friendly stray cat who finally found his forever home after months of waiting! Despite being overlooked by potential adopters at both an animal shelter and an adoption center, Georgie never lost his sweet and affectionate personality. He would greet everyone who stopped by with head bumps and face rubs, hoping that someone would see how special he was. Finally, after waiting for three months at the shelter, one month in foster care, and a few more weeks on the adoption floor, Georgie's patience paid off. His new dad drove over an hour to meet him and it was love at first sight. Georgie claimed him as his forever person by sitting on his shoulders, and now he's living like a king with a feline sister to play and snuggle with every day. Georgie's story is a reminder that sometimes it takes a little longer to find our perfect match, but when we do, it's worth the wait.