Heartbroken Dog Abandoned Because Of His ‘Ugly’ Face Gets Adopted, And The Difference It Makes Is Unbelievable

Meet Beaux Tox, a Labrador Retriever who was born with a facial deformityIt's a result of being squashed in his mothers womb as one of six pupsBut his intelligence and bubbly personality were not affected. "Because of his facial deformity, the people who were breeding couldn't sell him"

So Beaux ended up living with a man who neglected him and left him outside, all alone, for 5 yearsAnd all that was left of Beaux was a sad, disease and parasite-ridden bag of bones without a shred of hope leftAnd then his guardian angel, Jamie Hulit, arrived Jamie was undeterred by Beaux's desperate state, and was determined to give him a second chanceBeaux was given intensive treatment by Dr. Jay Rydberg, who turned the poor dog aroundHelping him through a chronic case of heartworms which nearly cost him his lifeNow he finds himself as part of a happy family, becoming a little brother to another Retreiver called RileyThey have bonded and become best friendsDespite a life of hardship, Beaux Tox exudes the joy and innocence of a young pup and couldn't be happier in his new family