'I'm lucky because I got to...': Zendaya and Sam Levinson remember Euphoria star Angus Cloud over his tragic demise!


, known for his role in Euphoria, is being remembered by his loved ones after his passing. Zendaya, his co-star in the show, described him as a unique and kind-hearted person, expressing how much he is missed.

Zendaya and Sam Levinson remember Angus Cloud

told  in an interview over the mail, “I don’t think a spirit like his could be defined, he was one of the most unique and pure-hearted people I’ve ever met.  I hope he knows how loved he is, how much we miss him, and how much better the world is for having felt his glow.”


Angus Cloud tragically passed away on July 31 due to an accidental overdose of drugs, including fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, and benzodiazepines, as reported by the Alameda County Coroner's Office. His mother, Lisa, explained that “It was predominantly the central nervous system depressants. It started to slow his heart and slow his breathing, he got tired from lack of oxygen. Everything just slowed down, and eventually his heart stopped and he went to sleep. But he didn’t kill himself.”

Cloud became famous for his role as Fez, a beloved drug dealer, on HBO's Euphoria, where he co-starred with Zendaya as Rue. Zendaya, in contrast to their on-screen characters, considered Angus a little brother, she shared, “He felt like a little brother instantly; ironic because we played characters with the exact opposite dynamic, I’m lucky because I got to experience the most beautiful parts of him. I got to watch him create and I got to watch him discover the fact that he was an actor.”


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