Bond between a little girl born with one arm and her three-legged dog!

A little girl named Ella Peggie, who was born without her left arm, has found a heartwarming friend in a three-legged puppy named Snowy. Snowy was adopted from an animal shelter by Ella's mother, Brooke Hodgson, who saw a resemblance in their ages and knew Snowy would be the perfect companion for Ella. Despite Ella being unsure at first, she quickly warmed up to the playful puppy.

Snowy has become part of the family and has formed a unique bond with Ella, often looking for her first thing in the morning. Ella, who suffers from Amniotic Band syndrome, is a healthy and happy child who has found a way to adapt to any challenges she may face. The loving relationship between Ella and Snowy is a heartwarming story that inspires feelings of love and hope.