Rooster falls in love with a one legged disabled hen at first sight--Express News



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Shrimp the Rooster was rescued along with another rooster.

They were both abandoned and it is common in roosters to get abandoned.

Shrimp is very docile so he’s always getting beat up outside.

So the owner of the sanctuary brought him in.

Basil the Hen was part of their larger rescue back in 2021.

She was meant for someone else’s dinner before the rescue.

She lost her right leg due to an infection.

While she’s also inside the house, Shrimp managed to go through the baby gate and into Basil every morning.

It felt like an instant connection said Amanda, who started the Here With Us Sanctuary back in 2018.

During snacks, he lets them have her first.

He sometimes just stares at Basil while she’s eating.Shrimp wants to be by her side the whole time.



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