Happy Endding!! This Australian Shepherd Safely Returned Home After 166-Mile Trek Across Alaskan Sea!

A 1-year-old Australian Shepherd has safely returned home from his 166-mile trek across Alaska's Bering Sea, according to reports.

The dog disappeared last month when his owner, Mandy Iworrigan in Gambell, Alaska, and her family were visiting the St. Lawrence Island community of Savoogna located in the Bering Strait, Anchorage Daily News reported. The pup reportedly took off with their other family dog, Starlight. One month after Nanuq's disappearance, he turned up in Wales, Alaska.

Iworrigan got the dog home safely via airline carrier from Wales back to Gampbell's regional airport. Waiting on site with her daughter Brooklyn in patches of snow on the runway, Iworrigan captured the plane's landing, with her adorable daughter reuniting with the adventurous pup.

Starlight was even on hand for the celebration as the family cheered for Nanuk's return.