Various Motions Emerge in XXXTentacion Murder Hearing, Including One Involving Rapper Drake


During the murder trial related to the untimely death of rapper XXXTentacion, several motions were presented, one of which involved the popular rapper Drake. The motions were made in preparation for the upcoming trial, which is scheduled to begin in October.

The specific motion involving Drake was related to a video that XXXTentacion's attorneys wanted to use as evidence. The defense claimed that the video, which allegedly showed Drake offering a reward for information about XXXTentacion's killers, demonstrated that the rapper had a motive to harm XXXTentacion. However, the judge ultimately deemed the video irrelevant to the case and decided it would not be allowed as evidence.


Other motions filed during the hearing included requests to suppress evidence and statements made by the accused suspects, as well as to dismiss the charges altogether. The defense argued that the evidence had been unlawfully obtained and that the charges should be dropped due to lack of evidence.

The murder of XXXTentacion occurred in June 2018 when he was shot during an apparent robbery outside a motorcycle dealership in Florida. Four suspects were arrested and charged in connection with the crime. The upcoming trial will determine the fate of these suspects.

While the Drake-related motion was denied, it was an interesting addition to the overall hearing, highlighting the complexity of the case. As XXXTentacion's murder trial approaches, it will be interesting to see how the evidence and arguments presented in court will shape the outcome and bring justice to the young rapper's tragic death.


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