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Disability Worker Can't Afford Surgery for Beloved Staffy That Helped Him Battle Depression Issues Desperate Plea for Help to Save His 'Best Mate'

A part-time disability worker has started a fundraiser for the dog that 'saved his life' during a time of intense .

Thomas Svechheimers said his beloved English staffy, Ghost, first began dragging his left leg and paw around their south coast home on Boxing Day.

'I was unable to afford the After Hours Vet, so I anxiously monitored him throughout the night with little to no sleep,' Mr Svechheimers wrote under his GoFundMe.

He was finally able to get Ghost in to see a vet the following day where two veterinarians diagnosed him with Intervertebral Disc Disorder - meaning the gelatinous disks separating the bones in Ghost's spine are disintegrating.

Thomas Svechheimers is raising money to save the life of his beloved pup, Ghost, after he was diagnosed with Intervertebral Disc Disorder (pictured, Mr Svechheimers and Ghost)

Mr Svechheimers, a part-time disability worker, said the surgeries to save Ghost will cost more than $20,000 (pictured, Mr Svechheimers and Ghost six years ago)

IDD is known for causing pain in dogs' neck, back and legs.

Mr Svechheimers said the only cure for Ghost is a $17,000 surgery - alongside some $7,000 worth of scans. He lives in Wollongong and has to travel some 100km for Ghost's treatment.

In a desperate bid to save his buddy, Mr Svechheimers has already put his ute up for sale below asking price.

But to Mr Svechheimers, it's a small price to pay for his pal's recovery.

'Six years ago I travelled from Wollongong to Canberra and picked up my best mate,' he said.

'On the journey home, he vomited in my hand... I fell in love with him instantly. 

Ghost (above) came into Mr Svechheimers' life six years ago, during a time when he was struggling with his mental health

'As the years went on, his bubbly and friendly personality captured the hearts and smiles of many. He is known for his big happy smile.'

Mr Svechheimers added Ghost has helped him through the toughest parts of his life. 

'I have struggled with mental health for many years. Since Ghost has been a part of my life, he has helped me through very dark times,' he said.

'If not for him and the support from Lifeline and friends, I would not be here today.

'For that, he has a very special place in my heart and I owe him my life.'

The GoFundMe for Ghost's surgery hit the halfway mark earlier this week so Mr Svechheimers was able to take Ghost to Sydney for pre-surgery scans on Friday.

Mr Svechheimers said he already has his ute up for sale below asking price in the hopes of raising enough money to save Ghost (pictured, Mr Svechheimers and Ghost)

'We arrived at 5pm, the earliest we could, and presented to the Emergency Department of SASH,' he said.

'We checked in and waited an hour before a veterinary nurse took Ghost in to check his vitals, all of which came back stable. 

'We were at ease to hear his vitals were stable and as Ghost had already been assessed by two separate veterinary doctors with similar medical opinions, we made the decision to head home to allow Ghost to be comfortable and rest at home.'

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