Woman Adopts A Cat That Was Ignored At The Shelter For Being Too ‘Grumpy’ And ‘Ugly’

Every year, there are millions of stray animals submitted to rescue centers all over the world. At the same time, millions of them are euthanized due to sickness, old age, or sadly because the overloading centers need to prioritize animals with better health conditions or better chances of adoptions. This heartbreaking situation is a result of human irresponsible actions. Breeders overbreed for business purposes, owners abandon their pets because they are old, have many diseases, or just simply because they are ‘ugly’ and the owners just don’t want them anymore. These are the devastating truths that have been going around since forever. However, for a true animal lover, there is no such thing as an ‘ugly’ animal. They are just diamonds in the rough, waiting to be discovered. This is the same as the story of Francisca Franken and her little rescue feline Bean.

Francisca was scrolling through the rescue center’s website when she came across the picture of Bean. Immediately, she just knew in her bones that this is the kitten for her. Francisca has always been a cat person. She wanted to adopt a kitty some times soon, but not at the moment since having a pet means having serious commitments. However, when she figured out about the sad story of Bean, the ‘ugly’ cat that nobody wants, her heart just broke and she couldn’t be more sure of making Bean her family member right away.