People Think Selena Told Taylor That Kylie Wouldn’t Let Timothée Take A Photo With Her At The Golden Globes


Selena Gomez's surprise encounter with Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes sparked widespread speculation. Many believe Selena rushed over to inform Taylor that Kylie Jenner prevented Timothée Chalamet from taking a photo with her.

 The tension between Selena and Kylie, who is close to Hailey Bieber, adds fuel to the rumors. 

Last year, Kylie's Instagram story led to rumors of a feud, with Selena expressing her feelings on social media. While the claims about Selena's conversation with Taylor remain unverified, the footage has ignited a storm on social media, with millions engaging in the discussion. 

BuzzFeed has reached out to Selena and Kylie's representatives for comment, adding to the intrigue surrounding this celebrity encounter.


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