7 Motherless Kittens Found A Surrogate Dad In This Rescue Labrador Retriever Before They Found Their Forever Home

Bertie the one-year-old rescue Labrador’s paternal instincts kicked in after Rachel brought 7 kittens into their home

Rachel, a head nurse from Battersea animal rescue charity, volunteered to bring these motherless kittens home until they found their forever home

Bertie has been a great help, and looked after them as if they were his own

The Labrador retriever, who’s a rescue himself, then helped these 7 little rescues in turn

Rachel and Bertie took care of the kittens until they were able to eat and use the litter box on their own

All of these lovely kittens were adopted after they came back to the shelter

Bertie has deservedly been enjoying peace and quiet since they left