Adorable!! Taylor Swift Captured Jamming to Travis Kelce's Pre-Game Playlist - Chiefs vs Dolphins


Taylor Swift was caught on camera cheering on her rumored boyfriend, Travis Kelce, as he was warming up for the Chiefs vs Dolphins game. The famous singer was seen recording Kelce's warm-up session with her phone. This adorable moment between the two has been making waves on social media.

Swift has been linked to the Kansas City Chiefs tight end for quite some time now, but the couple has never officially confirmed their relationship. However, their actions speak louder than words, as demonstrated by Swift's enthusiastic support for Kelce during the game.

Fans were thrilled to see Swift and Kelce together, as they have been speculating about their romance for months. The couple has been keeping their relationship low-key, but this public display of affection seems to confirm the speculations.


Kelce had a great game, scoring two touchdowns and helping the Chiefs secure a victory over the Dolphins. Swift's presence and support could have been a contributing factor to his stellar performance on the field.

This sweet moment between Swift and Kelce has garnered attention from fans and media outlets alike. It's clear that they make a cute couple, and fans are eagerly awaiting any confirmation of their relationship from the pair. Until then, we can just enjoy these adorable moments caught on camera.


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