He Turns Out to Be the Cutest 'Supervisor' Kitten Comes to a Balcony and Decides to Begin New Life

A cat came to a balcony and decided to begin a new life. He turned out to be the cutest "supervisor".

A long-haired tabby cat wandered his way to the right person for help over a year ago. He climbed up to a balcony and wolfed down the food a resident, Celine Crom, had prepared for a few local strays.

The tabby was rough around the edges and covered in matted fur and dirt. He wasn't able to close his mouth due to a severe infection.

Celine who runs a cat rescue, , immediately set out a plan to help him.

The cat was very wary of people due to lack of human contact. Celine began to earn his trust by providing plenty of sustenance daily.

"With the food routine, he started to come over almost every day. I set a humane trap one day and he just walked right in," Celine shared with Love Meow.

The cat was then taken to the vet's office to be evaluated. He was treated for a host of health issues and tested positive for FIV. For a while, he had been living with a lot of discomfort in his mouth.

They shaved off the knotted and matted fur from his coat and extracted all the bad teeth through a dental surgery. He could finally enjoy his food without pain, and his appetite soared.

"His tongue now sticks out constantly because he has almost no teeth left. He's very charming on the outside and incredibly sweet on the inside."

They lovingly named him Luckyou (or Lucky) and were relieved to know that he would never have to spend another day on the streets.

Lucky was estimated to be around seven years old and likely had been an outdoor cat for most of his life. "He was terrified of us at first, but things began to change when he realized he was safe."

Slowly but surely, he stopped hissing and spitting and started to associate his foster parents with good memories. He came out of his shell one day when he mustered up the courage to accept their love.

"Once he learned to trust, he became very curious about everything around him. He started asking for attention and cuddles and would purr very loudly with his tongue sticking out."

Luckyou is inquisitive and likes to be near his people, so he can watch whatever they are doing. He has earned the title as the cutest "supervisor" -- he likes to intently observe them when they eat, and is a wonderful talker and listener.

"You have to watch your plate and not leave food lying around because he may sneak a bite," Celine shared.

The once frightened street cat has blossomed into a confident attention-seeker and full-time "supervisor". "He's also very smart and has figured out how to do high-fives with his people," and demand treats by pushing a button.

Lucky likes to take an afternoon-siesta lounging on a big couch without a care in the world. He will cover his eyes with his fluffy paw while he sticks out his tongue for bonus cuteness.

"He will answer us with his little crunchy meow when we talk. Now that he knows he's safe, he wants to be friends with everyone he meets."

The tabby boy has befriended many cats in foster care, and Connor (orange) is his best bud.

"Luckyou had a difficult life before we found him." Now over a year later, he is hoping for a loving family that is willing to open their home and their heart to a big teddy bear and 'supervisor' like him.

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