Cat Becomes Sweet Ray of Sunshine When Someone Opens Their Home, So Her Four Little Kittens Can Thrive!

A cat became a ray of sunshine when someone opened their home, so her four little kittens could thrive.

Mellissa, founder of , was contacted about a pregnant cat that was in desperate need of a foster home.

She was one of the 11 cats that had been rescued and needed placement. swung into action to get these kitties into caring foster homes. They reached out to Mellissa, and she didn't hesitate to help.

"I immediately fell in love with the tuxedo cat (whom I named Raea), because she looked nearly identical to my first foster baby and now resident cat, Leia," Mellissa shared with Love Meow.

Raea was a bit shy upon arrival and stayed in the carrier until she worked up the courage to come out and explore. "She was obviously confused and unsure of her new surroundings."

"She's been through so much and was transferred three times. Now, she finally gets to settle in."

Raea inspected the entire kitten room, used her litter box, and discovered her favorite spot to hang out - the window sill. "I let her settle in and then slowly worked on gaining her trust. She started warming up to me and the new environment."

After four days, Raea found her bearings and began to truly enjoy her new space. As soon as she felt at home, she went into labor and didn't leave any time to spare.

She birthed four healthy kittens in a safe, warm, comfy room with lots of support from her foster mom. Raea wolfed down an entire bowl of food in minutes while her littles nursed away ravenously.

From the start, Raea was extremely attentive to her tiny bundles of fur. She wouldn't leave their side for a minute, so Mellissa brought breakfast to her bed.

Mellissa brought food to Raea so she wouldn't forget to [email protected]

"She's such an incredible mom and really cares for her babies. If they make any sort of noise she is sure to immediately check on them," Mellissa told Love Meow.

Raea allowed her foster mom to weight her kittens and move them when she changed their bedding. "She fully trusts me with them which is so sweet."

When the kittens were soundly asleep, Raea would get some me-time and knead away on her blankets. She'd also seek attention from Mellissa and purr up a storm.

"Raea is slowly figuring out cat toys and is learning how to play. So far, she enjoys scratching her cardboard scratcher, the tower of tracks toy and loose catnips."

When the kittens' eyes were wide open, ears unfolded, and feet pepped up, they were upgraded into a spacious nursery with plenty of room for the kittens to hone their skills and exercise their prowess.

Raea keeps a watchful eye on her four, making sure that they stay out of trouble.

It took the cat mama a little while to bond with people. When she let Mellissa pick her up for the first time, it was magical. She turned into mush and melted into her arms.

"It also made me realize just how tiny she really is under that fur."

Once the kittens are old enough for adoption, Raea and her four will be spayed and neutered and look for their dream homes.

As for now, the kittens have a lot of growing to do and things to learn.

After everything Raea has gone through, she is simply happy to never have to worry about food and safe shelter, and is starting to play like a kitten again.

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