Fluff Up Your Feline Vocabulary with Words for Groups of Cats

The English language often offers surprises, and that’s definitely true of obscure collective nouns for groups of cats. Words for groups of animals are  like a prickle of porcupines or a flamboyance of flamingos. And we’ve all heard of a murder of crows.

Regarding groups of cats, there are numerous words one could use. Few other animals have so many available terms to describe their gatherings. Interestingly, these words can change depending on specific things like their age and whether the cats are feral or friendly with each other.

Aside from lifetime cat lovers and rescuers, you will not likely hear some of these words. In some instances, that’s for the best! But others are cute and fun to use to fluff up your cat vocabulary. 

Words for Groups of Cats

Here are   to describe groups of cats. Have you heard them all?

Clowder Cluster Clutch Clutter Comfort Glaring Intrigue Kindle Litter  Pounce

Not-so-great words:

Destruction Doubt, Dout, or Dowt Nuisance

Video by 

Two Paws Down for Some Words

As you can see, there are at least three words for groups of cats that are ill-advised, especially around any cat lover or cat. We imagine these words would be scratched out if it were up to cats. Two paws down. 👎👎

Nuisance has a negative connotation, as does destruction, a name for a group of This word might instantly earn you a frown from rescuers practicing TNR (trap, neuter, return) worldwide to help feral cats and control the population. If you’re feeling catty, you might use one of those words. We probably shouldn’t say that either.

Likewise, Doubt or Dout, however you spell it, is rarely used and has negative associations. Glaring, a word for a group of cats that are not familiar with each other, is a little humorous, so we are keeping it. It also easily describes many a glaring cat right after being rescued before they realize it’s all ok.

A Kindle of Kittens

We’ve all heard of a litter of kittens, but not as many say “kindle of kittens.” It’s cute, right? And fun to use. We occasionally see rescuers using the word for their rescue babies. Someone out there has read about a kindle of kittens on their Kindle.

Here’s a kindle of Calypso and Mazikeen (Maz) for your consideration. 

Clowder of Cats

The occasionally used “clowder of cats” originated as far back as 1795 from the Middle English variant “clodder,” for a clotted mass, per  It’s similar to “clotter,” for huddling together and “clutter.” Clowder is pronounced “klou-der” and sounds a lot like chowder. 

Sidenote: It’s not a good idea to feed to a clowder of cats due to the sodium. Cat food with the word “Chowder” would be fine.

Some might call the picture below a clowder of cats, but  calls it “The cutest beggars around!”

Video by Senior Cat Wellness:

Intriguing Word for Cat Cuddle Puddles

An intrigue of cats is intriguing but possibly related to “entanglement,”  for intrigue, being entangled like a tangled kindle of kittens. Below, you can see an intrigue of Bond with Calypso, entangled as they often are. Jess “A BoCa puddle of cuteness  .” We often see rescuers referring to “cuddle puddles” of kitties, and we love it.

Pounce and Comfort of Cats

Of all these words, a pounce or a comfort of cats are pawsitive words we would like to use more. We get lots of comfort from our feline companions daily and love seeing them pouncing playfully.

We leave you with a bonus word that probably describes many of our followers as they surround themselves with a pouncing comfort of cats: Felinetrovert, soon to be added to the dictionary one day, we’re sure.

“Does this apply to YOU? 💜”