Until His Wish Comes True Stray Kitten Greets Woman and Tags Along with Her Each Day


A stray kitten greeted and followed a woman each day until his wish came true.

About 11 days ago, Li Yong was on her way to her parents' home when she noticed a kitten on the side of the road, looking in her direction.

She approached him and reached her hand out to see if he was friendly. "He sniffed my fingers, got right up, and started following me," Li told Love Meow.

The kitten rubbed against her legs as if to ask her to pet him. After a few strokes on the back, he plopped down on the ground, revealed his belly, and was ready for more rubs.


When she gave him chin scritches, he sprawled out on the ground and completely melted. Unsure if the cat belonged to anyone, Li went home and asked her father about the tabby.

"He said he'd seen the kitten around for about two months. The neighbors had been feeding him."

Li never forgot about the kitten, and when she came back the next time, lo and behold, he was there "waiting" for her. The tabby happily trotted up to her for attention, and even walked her all the way home.


No one had come to claim the kitten (he had no collar or microchip), and the living condition wasn't good outside. Li started contemplating about finding him a home.

"Before I met the kitten, I didn't have any plan to have a pet, but this little guy just popped into my life out of nowhere."

Li and her father went to get some supplies, food, and a carrier. "When we got home, I called out to the kitten, and he just emerged and came running. I gave him some treats, put some in the carrier, and he just walked right in."


They brought him inside, and he went on to devour a full bowl of food. After touring around their home, he went back into the carrier for a nap.

"He slept until my ride arrived. I took him into the car, and we set on our way to his new home with me. He didn't make a sound throughout the entire 4-hour drive. He slept through most of it."

The kitten named Fandi quickly settled into his new home. After inhaling another full meal, he decided to tag along with Li from room to room.


After getting all cleaned up, he fell asleep on his human, feeling happy, warm, and loved.

Since then, the tabby boy has taken on the role as Li's cutest "supervisor", and he wants to know everything she is doing.

"I was in the bathroom yesterday when I heard him meowing. He was looking for me. I came right out, and he was all happy and rolling around."

Now, Li has gained a little assistant in the kitchen when she cooks, and a TV buddy who keeps her lap warm.


She wakes up to the sweet purr machine rumbling into her ears. At night, she goes to sleep with him curled up next to her.

Li never expected that a trip to her parents' home would wind up landing her a cat. Fandi showed up on that fateful night and followed his human all the way into her heart.

Now, the tabby boy accompanies Li everywhere around the house, like her most trusty little shadow.

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